Hide/show community based on organization tags (Gather)

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  • Pluscloud (EMEA Reseller) EUR

    You might add another disclaimer to it. I haven't seen this change a lot but there is a little remark to this in the sourcecode from Zendesk side to think about before implementing this.


    Greetings sourcecode lurker!

    This is for internal Zendesk and legacy usage,
    we don't support or guarantee any of these values
    so please don't build stuff on top of them.

  • Rich Lorenzo

    Hi Remco...thanks for posting this.

    I've used the code snippet from the "hide activities link" quite exenstively in my Zendesk. For instance, I'm using it to replace the default submit a request link with a link that points directly to a specific request form based on tags set on the user's Organization.

    Now I'm trying to hide the community search results from everyone except members of one specific organization. So I've separated out the default search-results-column in the CSS (knowledge article search result was using the same class) and made a separate one for community-search-results-column.

    I'm going to hide the new community-search-results-column I created globally in the CSS. And then wanted to show it only to members of this one specific Org.

    However, is there no way to simply do an if/then that looks for Organization Name = "Org Name Here".?

    Must I create a whole new Org field/tag and re-use the tried and true tag search method? It seems like I should be able to just look at the name of the current user's organization and evaluate the if/then based on that value.

  • Remco

    Hi there Rich!

    I have to admit that I am far from technical. I can read code and I do understand what you are trying to achieve.. but I am afraid that I cannot be of any assistance.

    Because of my lack of technical knowlegde, I would probably try to use the workaround you mention at the end of your post..

    Is there anybody out here who can help Rich?

  • Rich Lorenzo

    No worries, and thanks for responding anyways!

    This is actually my penultimate day with my current Zendesk implementation so I fear I won't be able to complete this final mini-project I was working on. I should add that I proceeded to attempt to hide the new class with jQuery based on an Org tag but was unsuccessful.

    I'm not exactly a proficient web developer myself so I'm not sure if this was because my approach was fundamentally flawed or I simply missed some small detail. I did notice that the searc-results-column was in a Section tag rather than Div...so I thought maybe that was why I was unable to Hide the class the way I've hidden other things in the Zendesk (like article meta data for instance). 

    However, this information might be useful to somebody else in the future!

  • Josh Vasile

    I have been struggling to add this code to our Zendesk, I have followed the guide completely and it fails to work correctly. It leads me to think that recent Zendesk updates have made this not work. Does anyone have any idea why the JS would not work? 

    Css is fine and so is HTML but working with the JS in anyway does not seem to find the tag no matter how I tweak the JS 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Josh!

    Would you be able to post a screenshot of your code? Then I can have one of our Moderators take a look at it and see if they can find anything.


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