Better way to reload new reports or metrics

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  • Brian Manning

    I hear you. I get the impression that the GoodData interface wasn't really intended to be used in multiple tabs. The metrics and reports available at any given time are a snapshot of what was present when you launched that page.

    I've found I prefer building metrics inside reports. It makes it much simpler to test and experiment but it does have some drawbacks.

    • If you close the report without saving you'll lose any metrics you created.
    • If you deselect a report level metric it will vanish.
    • You can set a report level metric to be available globally. This is awesome. Unfortunately, as soon as you save a metric globally you can no longer edit it from the report.

    I don't have any good suggestions for working with a dashboard. If you have a large dash that takes a while to render it's really frustrating.

    I'd love to see a little refresh button in the report and metric lists. Sadly this falls into GoodData territory so we can't actually make any modifications.

    If anyone out there has discovered some brilliant workaround let us know :)

  • Joel Hellman

    Thanks Brian. It's just as you described, and in practice, I always end up working with multiple tabs when I'm working on reports that embedded in dashboards and the metrics associated with those reports.

    For now, I have filled out GoodData's product feedback form about this issue. 

    If anyone else found a workaround here, feel free to share! 


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