Handlebar Expression to show selected Categories

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  • Dominic Torkovsky

    Hello Alex,

    in case you'd require more assistance with in-depths customisation like this, I'd like to make sure you know about our Zendesk Partners:


    Since in Support we can't directly assist with such customisaiton, please let me know should you like to avail of our own Services. I will bring you in contact with them to arrange for that if you wish. 

    Until someone from this community might have a tip for you, you might also want to take a look here too:


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Alex!

    I'm pretty sure it's not possible to create custom Curlybars helpers. Hopefully one of the HC gurus here in the Community can help you out! I'll see if I can find someone. :)

  • Alex Maddern

    Hi Dominic, 

    I'm a little confused, this is the customisation and templating engine you are providing, not sure how you can not provide support for it. Are you suggesting that we don't get support for our months per agent fee?

    You are using Handlebars (unless I am mistaken) which can be extended by adding new verbs by using the registerHelper() function. All I am asking is why the function is not working. Is it related to the order in which the exposed JS code template is added to the page?

    If it is not currently supported, that's fine. I just need to know if I am wasting my time.



  • Alex Maddern

    OK, Now I understand. This isn't Handlebars, this is a custom language you have created called Curlybars which is similar to Handlebars without the extensibility. 


    Aside from the blog post above is there full language documentation available or is it undocumented?

    I have also heard mention that Zendesk App Framework (ZAF) v2 may support this. If so, am I able to add my own Apps using the Team Edition of ZenDesk? 

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Alex,

    You are indeed correct. This is not Handlebars, it's a custom language called Curlybars which syntax-wise is based on Handlebars and implements a large subset of Handlebars (excluding the ability to create custom helpers). The main reason it's not Handlebars is that Handlebars is a client-side rendered language, whereas we needed something that rendered on the server-side. So we created Curlybars.

    You can find the full documentation for Curlybars here:


    For apps, the Team plan supports public apps, ie. apps that you can get from our Marketplace. So if you want to distribute an app, you need to add it to the marketplace. If it's a private app, it's possible to add these on the Professional plan and above.

    You can see more about the different plans here:


    Here you can click Compare prices at the top and then find the Platform section for more info.

  • Alex Maddern

    So, server-side Handlebars. An excellent concept and this now makes a lot of sense. I can remember seeing that mentioned anywhere, but I completely get it now. That's for the clarification.

  • Chris H

    Hi @Alex,

    Did you find a good solution for filtering categories that you would mind sharing here?


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