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  • Alex Culligan

    Hi Arno,

    Unfortunately, you can't have a View with "Hours until next SLA breach" and "Hours since last SLA breach" because they can only be used in the "Meet all of the following conditions" section, and tickets wouldn't meet both conditions.

    A workaround for this would be to create a View that has the same conditions as the SLA policy.

  • Arno N

    Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.

    I want to have an overview of the following 2 tickets
    1. tickets where there is an upcoming SLA breach
    2. tickets where the SLA has already breached

    If I create a View that have the same conditions as the SLA policy I also include tickets that no longer have an SLA because we have matched our SLA already (though they are not yet closed).

    Is there a way to prevent this? Am I missing something? Looking forward to your thoughts!

  • Alex Culligan

    Hi Arno,

    You have some options for that:

    1. Sort the tickets in the view by Next SLA Breach (Ascending), so the tickets without an active SLA metric are placed towards the bottom of the list.
    2. Add a condition to exclude tickets that are solved. This will exclude tickets with Periodic Update Time, Agent Work Time, and Requester Wait Time metrics.
    3. Create a trigger that adds a tag to tickets when an agent replies with a public comment, then add a condition to the view to exclude tickets with that tag. This will exclude tickets with First Reply Time, Next Reply Time, and Periodic Update Time (that might be a problem for Periodic Update Time). You will also need a trigger to remove that tag when the requester comments again.

    If you have an SLA policy that uses both resolution metrics (Agent Work Time and Requester Wait Time) and response metrics (First Reply Time, Next Reply Time, and Periodic Update Time), or if you're using only Periodic Update Time, I'd suggest using options one and two only since there will always be a timer until the ticket gets solved.

  • Arno N

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. Unfortunately I am not getting this to work. Within the View "SLA tickets" I would like to see only tickets that have an upcoming or past SLA, I do not want to see other tickets here. So I am not sure if your #1 applies to this request.

    I have now set it up as follows:

    View title: SLA tickets

    ALL conditions that should be met:

    • [Ticket: hours until next SLA breach] [(calender) Greater than] [0]
    • [Ticket: Group] [is] [our company group]


    The problem now is that once a ticket has already breached the SLA it does not show up in this View.
    I don't understand what you mean with #2, can you explain how I can add a condition to a View?

  • Milton

    It's ridiculous to think a view can't be set up to view both tickets approaching an SLA breach and those that have passed it. As it is, real estate for views is at a premium already, so we shouldn't have to have multiple views for the same thing.

    Our user case for this specific view, is to only see tickets with less than 6 hours on the clock, so the solution posted doesn't work for us but you'd have thought minus hours should count as "less than".


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