Outbound Call Caller ID - Show Business Name, Not Just The Phone Number


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    Rohan Gupta


    Thank you for the feedback!

    Showing the company name associated with the phone number to the end user is in the longer term roadmap but cannot commit on any date for its availability.



  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Unfortunately, there's a limitation from Twilio's side on registering Twilio numbers in the US CNAM Caller ID database, which is what will show the caller ID when making outbound calls. More details are available on Twilio's Help Center.

    However, we do offer a way to have your existing number used as the Caller ID on outbound calls from Talk. See this article for details on Adding an external number for outbound calls (Professional and Enterprise only).

    I hope this is helpful.



  • COBB Support

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the prompt response!

    Referencing Twilio's Help Center, they mention the following within https://support.twilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223180148-Unable-to-Display-a-Business-Name-or-Custom-Text-as-Caller-ID :

    • Custom Text Outbound Caller ID with a Verified Phone Number

      A non-Twilio phone number (landline, office phone, etc.) with an existing Caller ID entry can be used to place calls from Twilio once the number has been verified on your account. Outbound calls from Twilio using this verified number should be indistinguishable from calls placed normally from this line.

      To place calls using this method, simply use the verified phone number in E.164 formatting in your call request code.

      Please note that users who receive a call from your verified phone number and then try calling you back will be connected to the verified non-Twilio number.

    The article then links to: https://support.twilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/223180048-Adding-a-verified-outbound-caller-ID-with-Twilio

    We imported our toll-free number into ZD, as it's hosted by Windstream, so if I'm understand this correctly (which I absolute may not be ;-) ), this would resolve our issue! The latter article mentions adjusting settings within the Twilio console, which I and my IT Department don't have access to, in order to provide the outbound caller ID data.

    Are you able to assist with configuration of the Twilio console? 

  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, that's correct. This article is how you add an external number for outbound calls from Zendesk's side. This will enable and verify your external number to be used through Talk. If you'd like to Standardize, also check out this article.

    Let me know if this works out for you!


  • Sydney

    This is a huge issue for us as well. We need our phone number to show our Caller ID -- business name not phone number. Otherwise we just look like one of the many phone spammers out there and our customers don't answer because they don't know it's us. This feature would have such a massive positive impact on all your customers' businesses, Zendesk!

  • Clients will not answer our calls because it says, "Potential Spam" -- Please allow us to change this!

  • Aren Rai

    Is there any update to allowing us to alter the caller ID? This feature is so badly needed. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Aren - 

    If you check the top of the comment thread, the product manager just updated this last week. This feature is on the longer-term roadmap, but we do not have an ETA that can be shared at this time. 

  • Antonio Cecchi

    Since you use Twillio for the talk feature I looked to see if it was available in that platform and I found this article which seems to indicate that it can be done through a support request to the Twillio team.


  • Jennifer

    We URGENTLY need this as well. We are a small hair salon and our clients are not answering calls from us as they do not see our salon name come up in the caller ID. We've had our number for 15 years and had this ability prior to recently switching to ZenDesk Talk. I am pretty upset as this was not explained to us prior to the switch.

  • Jay K

    What's the ETA for this?  What does long term mean?  This post was from almost 3 (THREE) years AGO!

    Seems like 3 years is well within a LONG term roadmap.

  • Nick Wurm

    Jay K

    If you use Zendesk Talk (Support) or Sell Voice (Sell), be prepared for Zendesk to punt on anything related to Caller ID.

    They (Zendesk) will avoid taking any responsibility and say it's all on Twilio.

    Then Twilio will punt and not take any responsibility and say it's all on the carriers and the databases they pull from for their caller ID information.

  • Juan Villamil

    This has been a problem for us too. Most of our customers are rejecting our calls as the number is very strange and looks like a telemarketer/spam call


  • Jed Brian

    As a new "Talk" user this is a huge issue. It's 2021...no one answers a call if the caller ID doesn't have a name they recognize. 

    You guys acknowledged this issue in 2018. Three years should be long enough to get this fix.

  • Aren Rai

    Is there an ETA here? I commented 8 months ago and was told it's on the long term roadmap.

    We cannot live without this feature so I had to build a workaround. I purchased a line from verizon for $40 a month and added it as an external line. I am able to set caller id name for external lines. I use this external line for all outbound calls and then forward inbounds to our main support number.

    It's ridiculous for me to have to do this and it still has issues as this external line has a different number than our main support line, which is not good, but we still land far more calls having our company name show up with a different number.

    The added monthly cost, headaches, and time spent on this is really a poor customer experience. After 3 years it should be resolved.

  • Jay Clementson


    I wanted to add so you are aware. When I first started with Zendesk Sell, the phone number they gave me was an old one and the caller ID came up as "Womens foundation of Minnesota". I had to find this one out through my customers laughing at me. 

    So I would call yourself if you have not to make sure nothing is wrong because Zendesk will not check that before. 

    Ended up getting a new number in the long run. 


  • Nick Andrews


    From what I can see from this thread most the solutions for the problem of having the incorrect business name point back to the CNAM. This is an old way to approach the problem that most have already seen doesn't work well. There are only a few solutions available for this issue and Zendesk cannot control what name is presented when you call. CNAM relies on the terminating carrier that you are calling into to deliver the correct name which has results being all over the place and most times incorrect. I would encourage anyone needing to display the correct business name on their outbound calls to look at First Orion (https://firstorion.com/call-enhancement/). We are able to deliver your business name consistently on 100M devices in the US and give you the ability to control exactly what is seen by the end customer. While no solution in the market currently reach every mobile device in the US, you can feel confident that we will deliver the right name on a third of the US mobile device market. The solution can work with your current outbound numbers and your current Zendesk solution. 



  • Jay Clementson

    Hello Nick Andrews, 

    Thank you for your sales pitch, instead of focusing on the customers of Zendesk why don't you promote your service to Zendesk since it seems like an easy solution for them to add it to their products. 


  • Nick Andrews

    Jay, I'm trying! :)


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