Auto-fill a due date?


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  • Austine Hipol

    Hi Amanda,


    I'm glad you wrote to us. I understand that you want to know if there is a way when ticket is created, it will automatically populate the Due Date for Tasks.


    Unfortunately, It would not be possible to set a task due "date" but it would be pretty easy to set up an automation to run after a certain amount of time has passed, i.e. 48 hours since ticket status=open. You could also set this automation to run for certain agents, groups or all tickets. 


    Here is a helpful article that goes over, please click the link: About automations and how they work


    My apologies for this product limitation. I'd like to encourage you to post about this in our Product Feedback discussions, where our Product Management team and other Zendesk users discuss possible new features and suggest workarounds. We truly value customer feedback and your voice and votes in the forums help influence future Zendesk functionality.


    We appreciate your suggestions. If you have additional concern please just reach out to us.




  • Martijn Snels -

    Our brand new Zendesk App Macro Date has just been launched in the Zendesk App Marketplace. The Zendesk App allows you to set any date field including the due date field using tags inside your macro using a relative date.

    More information about the Macro Date app can be found here:

  • Eric Goff

    Following-up to also express interest in having the ability to create automation/trigger rules to auto-apply due-dates when tickets are created and flow into our system.

    We'd like to have different due dates applied to different ticket types, and not all of our team members remember to apply a due date when applying changes to the properties on a ticket.

    My team isn't interested in downloading 3rd party apps from the marketplace to apply this function to the system.

  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Eric Goff,

    Thank you for this feedback! I apologize that we do not have this functionality at this time and I will make sure your feedback is passed to a member of our Product Team.

    Would you mind elaborating on your concern about 3rd party apps? Are they difficult to use? Do they not fit in with your workflow? Are you looking for a free option? I found a Marketplace App called Myndbend Ticket Reminders with the following description: "Improve customer satisfaction by automatically setting follow-up date/times and push reminders by pop-up and/or email to your agents." Does this app include the functionality you are looking for in your account? 

    Note. You can also share your feedback on the Community Support Feedback page. 

  • Trevor Sather

    We would also like to be able to set Due Date for all new tickets using a trigger (e.g. to give every ticket a due date 5 days from now, or set 2 days for tickets opened by priority clients).  I gather this is impossible either with native Zendesk functionality or with the Macro Date app (which can only run when an agent takes an action).

    We can create a custom date field e.g. Target Date to use instead of Due Date, and set a value for that using a trigger;  but we can't seem to get the views we want to (e.g. show "only tickets with target date = today) using the custom field version.

    So, upvoted!  Thanks Amanda.


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