setting default for our whole Zendesk ticket system


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  • Nils Zwicker

    Hello Stevie,

    can you give us some more details?

    As far as I understand, do you talk about a view and want to change the sorting?
    Have you already tried to adjust the settings of this view?

    Which Pricing Plan do you currently use?

    Best Regards

  • Stevie Black

    Would love to give you more details... what do you need?  I'm not too sure about Pricing Plan - how does that factor in?

    Yes, change the sorting permanently, but this company has had zero training on Zendesk and no guides, so...

    I can adjust setting each and every time I go to a view, but this is a waste of energy and frustrating when you look at views all day (my staff does this/ agents)

    So I just clicked on My Home view (see attach-2)

    You can see the dates are random sorted —so are all the fields with the exception of Group and Assignee. But who would want that? I need my tickets to be viewed Most Recent/ Top of Report as do most of us. I don't know how to do this or how to instruct my agents to set whatever priority they wish to set inside their Zendesk views.

    Can you help?



  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Stevie, 

    The second icon on your left sidebar is the Views screen.  In there you can have custom views.  I shared a link on your other post about how to use views which may be useful.  You can set a default sort option on those custom views. 

    I'm not a huge fan of the view built into the Home page because it is not customizable.  Take a look at the View documentation and see if that might help you out. 

    I would also recommend checking out for training resources.  Many cost, but if your company has not had training, I'd highly recommend it so you can get some better use out of Zendesk.



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