Talk Dashboard - Total calls in queue by IVR destination

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  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for sending on your feedback, your request is one we've heard frequently. As you know our Talk Dashboard only allows for you to filter by phone number which doesn't give you the granularity you need since you have several groups/IVR destinations sharing the same Talk phone number.

    We hear this feedback from the agent experience as well: allowing the agent to understand which path the customer has taken through the IVR/routing to give more context before the agent answers.

    We've nothing planned for this at the moment but there are conversations happening internally on how we can improve both the admin and agent experience here.

    Thanks again,

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    I'm one of the people requesting this feature in the past. It would be great if you could actually see for what group(s) people are waiting for. When you use IVRs that's way more valuable than per number.

    An overview like this would be great:
    Support Group - 14 calls / 1 callback
    Sales Group - 12 calls / 0 callback
    IT Group - 10 call / 2 callbacks

    Or even better; an actual overview of the queue content, where you see every phone number (from/to) with the current status, wait time and group it has been routed to.

    Or just give me this info through the API ;)

  • Jose Resendiz

    Same here! We have dozens of phone lines, and many groups. Visibility would increase our effectiveness. Add to that the ability to cherry-pick a call from a phone line.

  • Susan Biehl

    Hi Caroline,

    I am looping back around on this. It seems to me that if this is a frequent request, then there should be a bit more than discussions and should be on a roadmap for improvements.

    It's hard to manage my agents and call volume without being able to see this granularity. Especially since I have multiple groups and multiple IVR options.

    I'd appreciate more follow up on this as things begin to develop.

    Thank you!

  • Tim West

    Plus one for this feature. All competitive products I have used like Five9 and talk desk to name a few are able to segment queue metrics out like this. It seems a pretty basic feature. I was surprised and disappointed to hear that Zendesk Talk was behind in this matter. Usually I have come to associate Zendesk as the industry leader in support tools. 

    Now it may be that we are looking at talk for our work force in an old way. So absent this feature I challenge Zendesk to tell us how to manage the workforce for a single IVR that routes calls to several diversely skilled groups. 

  • Justin Padilla

    We are probably switching to for this and other features. Same cost as Talk Pro, way more features.

  • Dragan Dordevic

    Just to add one more company to the list, that would highly appreciate and embrace this feature. This can really make a difference when working actively to improve how agents handle incoming calls.

  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Following along with this thread... our use case is on multi-brand.  We can see how many callers we have in queue, but not which brands they are holding for.  Adding this visibility as a pop over or in the space below seems like it would be highly valuable data (and relatively easy to surface considering the system already has this information). 

    To me it would be as simple as displaying the already known data-points, but then again I'm not a developer. :-)

  • Andrew Burns

    Visibility of waiting calls by group would be a great feature. As our company grows this is becoming a must-have for us. Having this available via API would be good enough.

  • Adam Edgeley

    This is something we also need.

    We have an IVR setup on our core business telephone number and have IVR options for customer service and sales using the groups but we are unable to see (in real time) the number of customers queuing in customer service vs sales.

    Without this visability we are unable to effectivly monitor and respond to peaks in demand via the two departments/groups which have different size teams.

    Please add this to the product development list, it's such basic functionality for a call centre system.

    PS: Even just adding this functionality to your API would meet our requirement because we can the use a tool such as Grafana or Geckoboards to display the data to our staff.

  • Michael Rieder

    This is indeed a blind spot which should be state of the art in explore.


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