Disable "Agent join the chat" for a more "human experience"


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Gilles,

    Thanks for sharing your request. Currently, we have no plans to give an option to filter the events out of the widget.

    If you need this, you can build a custom widget using the Web SDK and choose to not display the certain chat related events.

    Here are the list of chat events you can choose to show/hide from the visitor when you build a custom widget: https://api.zopim.com/web-sdk/#chat-2


  • Mateusz S

    Hello, I have different problem, but hiding chat events could help us as well.

    We offer chat in 5 languages and chats are sometimes assigned to a wrong department. In this case we use transfer to department option, but what customers see it that an agent joined the chat, then left it and they're back in the queue.

    We started to send customers messages informing what we do ("I don't speak you language, I'm transferring the chat"), but then Zendesk treats it as handled chat and even if customer drops the chat while being 10th in the queue, no missed chat ticket is created. So we're back to the option one.

    Hiding events from the customers would definitely help reducing their frustration.

  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    This is a valid case. However it isn't possible at the moment to remove those messages, unless you use the solution Ramin provided above.


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