Forecasting tickets created in months to come


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  • Joe Beaudoin
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hey Jasen!

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Explore as a feature called Forecasting that does just what you're asking about:

    I should mention that forecasting is not necessarily a fully developed forecasting system, but can certainly be used as a predictive tool to model future ticket submissions.

    What's maybe more important for you and your data is that forecasting works best when the Zendesk in question has a lot of data. The models returned for accounts that have at least 2 years of data work best for giving the system enough to work off of.

    The ins and outs of forecasting are elaborated on by Bryan in the following article:

    Essentially, forecasting isn't likely to give you great readouts for 3 months of data but you're free to use the information from our documentation to give it a try!

    Thanks again for your post.


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