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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Aswin,

    Thanks for sharing the feedback on being able to end the chat session. Currently, the owner of the chat session is the visitor and there is no way to end their session from the agent side of things.

    We have no plans to change this logic but I understand the pain point of a visitor restarting the chat by saying 'thanks' or 'bye'. The same problem exists in the Support product with tickets being reopened.

    The only recommendation I can suggest is use the keyboard shortcut to end the chat so it requires less effort.

    You can learn more about they keyboard shortcuts here:



  • Aswin Kannan

    Thank you for the suggestion, but this impacts a lot in the user experience. The other agents gets unwanted chats like thanks and bye, whereas they can actually serve the useful chats. The chat statistics are incorrect numbers, this also increases the average response time, the total length of the chat, everything is getting impacted. I sincerely request you to consider this scenario to provide more useful solution.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Please reconsider your plans to allow agents to end the session.

    This is a huge paint point for us for implementation and I can see it causing reporting issues once we go live.

     We have users that may visit  multiple product/brand help centres and start a chat. In that case, they get the tags from both sessions added to the one chat, which wreaks havoc in Support when trying to route the ticket via triggers. If the session was ended when the *agent* ended the chat, the second chat wouldn't be inheriting the tags from the first session.

  • Aswin Kannan

    I second Dan's comment completely. Finally someone who can understand this pain point.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator


    I'd suggest adding your voice to any/all of these threads. There seems to be many people looking for improvements around the UI and behaviour for being able to end chats. I suspect it's the only hope for one day getting a solution that doesn't involve the words 'use the API' as a response. 




  • Karyna Macedo

    + 1

    It's disappointing seeing a lot of threads asking for the same feature, that clearly it's a pain point to a lot of companies and Zendesk ignoring it. 

  • Delina Garcia

    This will vastly improve our Customer Experience and metrics as well. Please consider a feature that will address this.

  • Justin Fain

    I agree with all of the other comments.  We'd like to see this feature implemented as well.

  • Mark Hinson

    I agree with Aswin's point here.

    We have experienced this issue with the Agent not being able to end the chat and this has caused our Ave Chat Duration to be skewed due to a chat being re-started by the end-user sometime after their last message, after a point when the agent had disengaged. 

    it took our Service Desk and Reports team some time to work out why this occurred, this is time-consuming.

    It makes sense for the two chats to be captured as updates to the same ticket, this is ideal for the agent, but itn the chat stats it should count as two short chats, rather than one long one.  At the moment we have a v low chat volume, but in Service where the chat volumes are high I assume the stats for chats would have to be manually checked/counted at t ticket level to work out a real Ave Chat Duration, this is not ideal.

  • Adriel Oliveira de Almeida

    Eu tive o mesmo problema, só que minha solução foi utilizar a integração com a API do Zendesk.

    zChat.on('chat', function(event_data) {   
    if (event_data.type === 'chat.memberleave') {
    if (event_data.nick != 'visitor') {
    zChat.endChat (function (event) {});

    Obs: Não realizei testes com a transferências de atendentes. Mas esse trecho de código funciona no meu caso especifico. Outra coisa é o problema de encerrar a sessão do usuário, é a não avaliação do atendimento, orientei os atendentes que enviasse a solicitação de avaliação sempre antes de encerrar o chat :D

  • Ingrid R.
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Excelente sugestão, Adriel! Agradecemos por compartilhar a sua idéia.

    Ingrid R. | Customer Advocate |

  • Kelsa Henry


    I am in full support of the previous writers. We are trialing the chat and the fact that the agent is unable to end the chat on their end is a major pain point, ruins stats and impacts customer experience and routing. Whats more frustrating is this thread was initiated 2 years ago. 

    There would be great value in that functionality being developed. 


  • Christopher Riebs

    Going to go ahead and add my voice to this request as well. I tried a workaround to force end a chat by setting a timer to check zE('webWidget', 'chat:isChatting') but even after waiting 500 seconds this callback still has not fired despite my support agent ending the chat. We need the ability to detect when an agent has ended the chat.

  • Mariusz Winiarczyk

    Looking for the same solution to this problem. 

    Some option to "close the chat if there is no activity on clients side for XYZ" would solve this problem and will allow your clients to choose if they want to use it or not.

  • Christopher Riebs

    Here's a workaround that I'm using for this problem. It periodically checks to see if the "Rate this Chat" button is showing and then force-ends the chat if it is. The "Rate this Chat" button only appears when all agents leave a chat, in my testing.

    var end_detect_interval = null;

    function detectZdChatEnd() {
    var ww = document.getElementById('webWidget');

    ww.contentDocument.body.querySelectorAll('.src-component-chat-chatting-log-events-EventMessage-eventMessage button').forEach(function(eventBtn) {
    if (eventBtn.innerText == 'Rate this chat') { = 'none';
    zE('webWidget', 'chat:end');
    end_detect_interval = setTimeout(detectZdChatEnd, 200);


  • Jürgen König

    Here's another zendesk chat customer suffering. Tickets could be automatically closed by trigger in chat it is a pain.

    it happens quite often that chat requetser does not know about this and does not leave chat.
    If a chat leads to a ticket which needs to be urgently processed, the ticket is not updated till the end of the chat (and most customers do not know that they have to leave) and ticket is delayed because of this!!


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