Inaccuracy of Chat Duration

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  • James Peterson

    Hi NTUC Membership,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  I'm glad that your taking advantage of the chat reports and a bit disappointed to know that the chat duration is not providing the metrics you require.  Might I know how you are currently accounting for these types of chats now?

    -- James Peterson

  • Aswin Kannan

    We are facing the exact issue as the OP. If the customer walks away or forgets to "Options > End Chat", the whole duration is calculated as the handling time, which is impacting our metrics as well as the agent performance. There should be a way to calculate only the actual chat duration, or force end the chat completely (and the user can initiate a new chat).

  • Karyna Macedo

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  • Melody Galvez

    Hi Team, 


    My team has been doing some deep diving on our agent's AHT reports and we're making some manual calculations on the agent's chat duration and total chats to see if we are getting a tally reporting. We are having issues in the chat duration aspect and I came across this article. Just wondering if this issue has been resolved? As I've checked, it seems that the chat duration data is still inaccurate. And alos, based on a sample chat from one of our agents (find SS below) it seems that the issue raised above regarding the ended chat duration is still existing. 



    Do we have an update regarding this? 


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