Single Sign-on not flexible enough

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  • Stephen Belleau

    I think your "further enhancement" suggestion is actually the most important part. I wouldn't want to see this implemented without being able to choose which users have SSO enforced. For end-users, adding an organisation-level "Requires SSO" checkbox makes sense. For agents, this should be a role permission.

  • Robin Brown

    Thanks Stephen. I don't think the "Requires SSO" checkbox is necessary.  Couldn't we just keep the current checkboxes but support them at an org level and remove the overriding effect that currently exists when you check the SSO box?  In this scenario the admin could just tick all that they wanted to support, "Requires SSO" could be achieved by un-ticking all the other options.  For agents, yes, I'd like to be able to configure SSO for some agents but not others, so role based would be good.


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