Skill Setting Agents


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  • Maisa Starck
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    That is a very good point, to be able to customize priorities to receive chats is essential as well as number of chats per agent per department in order to maximize efficiency.

    We hope Zopin team would consider to have a look at at this.

    Thanks very much,



  • Prakruti Hindia
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    Hi Andrew, Malsa,

    We recently introduced skills-based routing which allows you to assign chats based on agent skills. 

    In Andrew's case, we could classify the agents as expert and beginner, for instance. We can create skill - expert , beginner. 

    We can assign tags 'expert' to high priority chats. This will ensure that high priority chats would be assigned to 'expert' agents first. If the 'expert' agents are unavailable or reached chat limit, the chat would be assigned to other agents. 

    More information on the setup for skills-based routing can be found here

    We do support limiting the number of concurrent chats per agent. This is applicable for individual agent and cannot be set per department though. 

    Hope this is useful for you. 

    - Prakruti


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