Disable "Please update your info" in first message


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there Andreas,

    Thanks for submitting your suggestion around the empty personal info string. Unfortunately, this cannot be modified and we have no plans of changing it anytime soon.

    Beyond requiring the information so the message does not show, you could technically use the JS API to set the name to something and get the visitor to edit it if they want to provide their real information.

    Will need to use the following Javascript APIs:



    I would personally require the fields and not use the workaround above, but if you dont want to do that you can try the workaround.



  • Mark Fitzgerald

    Ramin, Why is it that you would not make something were we could at least make the message to the customer a bit less direct? I would very much like a way to modify the text on this as well as the number of times it shows to a client aka 0 to x. 0 Meaning never.


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