Suggestion for a "send text" button like we have a "make call" button in the ticket

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  • Dave Buitenhek

    I agree with you, Mark. This is something complicated that should be VERY simple - I've had to dispatch an agent to practice using Zendesk Text works to document the SOP for future agents. I think a new option such as Reply via SMS would solve this easily - it would appear similar to how existing options Public reply (email/social), Internal note, and Call work.

    For reference, Reamaze already offers this function (their SMS piece is built through ClickSend or Twilio). I do not work for either company or clarify, I want Zendesk to build this so that I can keep my Execs on board to stay on Zendesk.

    In fact I prefer that Zendesk offers an SMS function directly in the Support application. That said, the functionality exists for a competitor, so it should be easy to implement (in theory).

  • Dave Buitenhek

    Another use case is replying to voicemails. We often have folks call and leave a voicemail, then request a response via SMS. If I could simply click Reply via SMS on the ticket, I don't have to use a complicated Trigger (or duplicate the ticket, which doesn't work anyway) just to send an update via Text.


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