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  • Amie B
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    Hey Lalena,

    I did a little digging on this for you and it looks like you will need to use the "User Identities" API. 

    User Identities API

    The API call you are currently using in your example, simply keeps adding numbers to a user profile as you've come across. It doesn't overwrite the default assigned number of the user profile because this is controlled by a different API. 

    You would need to use the "make primary identity" API call to set 6666 as the default number on the user profile per your screenshot. 

    To remove a number listed on a user profile, you would need to look at using the "update identity" api call. 

    I'm not a wizard with dev by far but Im confident this should put you on the right path with what you're trying to do here. No doubt if i'm wrong someone else will chime in and let you know. :)



  • Joseph May
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    Hi Lalena-

    What you're seeing is expected behavior, as users can have more than one phone number with a direct line attribute. I would suggest looking at our User Identities documentation to accomplish what you are doing.


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