Update a Slack channel when a new community topic is posted


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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Jamie,


    There's no way to have Zendesk notify an external target natively for actions in the Community, and I think a feature request for some kind of webhook functionality could be really cool. 

    However, Slack does have email forwarding to chat. In your Slack settings, at the bottom of Messages & Media, you can get a forwarding address. If you make a user in your community using this email, you can login as this user and follow any topics you want to come into Slack.

    Natively, I think it sends just to you, but there are tools in the Slack App Store to control messaging to a specific channel. We use one to sign up to all the status pages for our tools and services, so we can be notified for any incidents in one place.

    If you want new topic messages, you would have to subscribe your forwarding user to sections. You can do that in the UI, or via the API, documented here: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/help_center/subscriptions#create-section-subscription



    Hope that helps!

  • Jamie

    Hi Dan,

    I appreciate the feedback. I currently have it set up this way. My user follows all the topics and when I get an email I have a gmail filter to forward to a Slack channel. It works but I was curious if there was a more native way to take advantage of the triggers and actions in Zendesk. It seems that is not the case at this time.

    Thanks again,


  • Jacob Johst Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jamie,

    You're right triggers and automations don't have condition options for the community, unfortunately.

    Your question got me thinking about how to get only the bare essentials presented as a notification in Slack, for this use case. I did a write up about that here - it is even less native than yours and Dan's solution though 😃

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for writing up this awesome tip Jacob!


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