Layered Ticket Categories (Service Desk issue types)


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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Jack,

    We actually nest our fields in a similar way that you're using on your own account. Unfortunately, I don't have an alternative solution for you at this time other than to also add SoftwareXYZ::SoftwareXYZ as a drop-down option. This would at least allow for you to select SoftwareXYZ if necessary. This is actually how we handle this limitation on our end as well.

    I'll leave this post open in case other users have some alternative solutions to offer up. I'll also add this post to our monthly Community Roundup to help provide some visibility for you :) 


  • Jack Yumulu

    Thanks so much Brett.  Yeah, as per my post that option comes with those mentioned issues. 

    Yes, please keep open in case others have some other tips'n'tricks on this matter.


  • Hemin Desai

    Hey Jack,

    Have you considered creating a set of ticket fields which are conditionally displayed when a value from the base field is selected? I think this will give you the granularity you're looking for.


    Base Field: 

    1. SoftwareXYZ
    2. SoftwareABC
    3. Hardware

    Conditional XYZ Field: (If SoftwareXYZ is selected from base field then:

    1. Exporting
    2. Analytics

    One thing to keep in mind is the tags that you will have in the conditional field. As the options in your conditional fields seem to be quite generic it may be worth adding a prefix to each field options tag to ensure you don't have issues in the future.

    Sorry, in case I misunderstood your issue.

  • Marshall White

    Since the Team plan doesn't include conditional fields, it might be worth looking into 

  • Jack Yumulu

    Hi Hemin, that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!!!  This also should help me to justify upgrading our plan ;)



    Hi Marshall, this is also a very good option and if upgrading our plan isn't viable at this stage (being a small company), at least the app that you suggested will suffice and at a lower cost. Many thanks.

  • Hemin Desai

    Glad to hear Jack, good luck!


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