Applying Holiday Non-working Hours to Tickets After the time.

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  • Dan Cooper
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    It's not ideal, but you could add a filter onto your primary reports that excludes data from the date(s) in question and include a note with the reporting.  You could do this by specific ticket numbers or just certain days. 

    I recommend submitting a post in the Product Feedback topic to start getting the idea over to Zendesk to improve the feature. I'm sure you aren't the only customer that would love to see some improvements in this space. The Product Managers review features from that section when they are prioritizing their products and the more visibility something gets there, the better. 

    There may be some other awesome reporting options beyond just filtering available as well.  It may help if you can call out if you are using Insights or Explore for your reporting as well to see if someone can make a more specific recommendation for you.


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