Possible to restrict article body but not title?

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  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Jackie,

    Out of the box, this isn't possible. Restricting articles will hide the title of the article unless the user belongs to the correct user segment or is logged in. You may be able to set up similar functionality with some Javascript, however, that's not something we are able to provide support for.

    We do have some great documentation that may point you in the right direction:

    I'll also reach out to some of our awesome moderators to see if they have any advice for setting this up.


  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi Jackie, 

    I have a few ideas that might make sense depending on what your value proposition is for displaying the titles. 

    1. Does it make sense to have an article that includes the names of your other content?  You can create a publicly facing article that displays without authentication and you can have links in that article that lead to restricted content.  When the user clicks on a link, they'd be asked to log in. 

    2. This one might not work as it's been several months since I used it, but I recall the Doc theme provided in the Zendesk Labs Themes Github Repository showing titles in the sidebar even if the person didn't have access.  Now I think this would make them log in if they truly did have access, but it might just put errors out.  You can download the theme from Github and import it without making it live to see if it meets the need. 

    Another thing to consider, is if you should just remove that feature.  Does the feature add significant value (customers see the link and know that they can get help on certain premium topics) or does it cause any of your customers to have a bad experience (I click a link and it fails even after I try to log in).  If customers are more likely to be frustrated, it may be worth hiding the titles as well. 

  • Vladan Jovic
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    Something very similar I've created for one of my clients. 

    Example, section page, you can see all the articles, but when you want to open it, it will ask you to login/register first. 




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