Default Ticket Form by Agent

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  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi David, 

    Take a look into Contextual Workspaces.  You can trigger certain forms, macros, and apps to be available based on the group a ticket is assigned to. 

  • David Warby
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    According to Support this does not fulfill this need, here is the response from Support regarding this request:


    "I apologize in that, there aren't any current built in features that will show a different ticket form based on the viewer. There is Contextual Workspaces, but that changes the form and other components based on the ticket attributes, not the viewer themself. 

    The only other solution I can think of is to create a Trigger that identifies when a ticket has been created by Agent A, switches the form if created with the wrong one, and/or sends an email to the Agent that they need to update with the correct form. This would still mean that the ticket would be initially created with the wrong form and information, but that some sort of reactive measure could be completed.

    I think that Contextual Workspaces functioning based on user parameters would be a great addition to our platform. Therefor, I recommend going to our product feedback page to submit a request. Product feedback is the best way our customers' voices can be heard regarding feature requests and product changes. Let me know if you have any other questions."


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