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  • Dan Ross
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    Hey Desmond,

    in your template for file titled article.hdbs, you might have a section that looks like this

    {{#with article}}
    <div class="article-votes">
    <span class="article-votes-question">{{t 'was_this_article_helpful'}}</span>
    <div class="article-votes-controls" role='radiogroup'>
    {{vote 'up' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-up'}}
    {{vote 'down' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-down'}}
    <small class="article-votes-count">
    {{vote 'label' class='article-vote-label'}}

    Removing it should remove the voting interface from all articles.

    If it doesn't work, please post your article.hdbs contents and ideally a link to an affected page and I can take a closer look.


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