Multibrand Metrics By Brand In Explore


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    Eric Gao
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    Hi Brandon,

    Thanks for taking part in our AMA! In addition to creating separate queries & dashboards, we would also recommend creating custom metrics that specify the ticket brand within the formula.

    For the example, the two screenshots below would return the # of solved tickets for two brands (Brand 1 & Brand 2):

    As for our favorite recipes, for Explore it would be Ticket Creation Events.

    And Kimchi Fried Rice for eating.

    Hope this helps Brandon and let us know if you have any additional questions (:



  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Explore Recipes AMA has ended and comments have now been closed. If you have any Explore recipe related questions, you can create a new post in our Explore - Troubleshooting and Q&A topic!


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