Requests list - order by a field differet to Created and Last activity


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  • Thomas Verschoren
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    Complicated answer but it works:


    1. Add this to your document_head.hdbs:

    <script src=""></script>

    (Or preferred, download the sorttable.js file and add it as an asset to your theme as such

    <script src="{{asset 'sorttable.js'}}"></script>

    2. Add a class sortable to the table

     <table class="table my-activities-table requests-table {{current_filter.identifier}}-requests sortable">
    3. Remove the sort_by="type" from the table headers you correctly added.

    More info about sortabble here:





  • LC
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    Thanks, Thomas. The client side solution works fine when there is no pagination as the table has all the results displayed. But if there is pagination the results that are in a different page are not ordered when you click on the column. That's why I was asking for the same server side approach that Guide uses for created by and last activity: When you click in the column header, the page goes to the server to get all the records and order them and then display the first page. 

    I hope that makes sense.


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