Don't need both Categories and Sections. Can I remove one?


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  • Thomas Verschoren
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    The default Copenhagen theme shows only sections on the home page if only 1 category exists.

    So If you create one main category (FAQ) with sections below the home page of your Guide will only display the underlying sections and it would seem for your customers you have no categories only sections.


    If you want to make the experience complete, you can also modify the CSS a bit so it hides the FAQ category in your breadcrumbs

    .breadcrumbs li:nth-child(2){

  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Hi Helen,

    You can try this , I used a Zendesk helper and CSS property. I did it for home_page.hbs template.

    Copy the given code and paste on your home_page.hbs template .


    by this component Category , Section and Article list will be show on your home template. 


    now if you wanna show only category and all  article  list under of that category , then copy this code and paste on your style.css template .


    .category-tree-with-article .section h3{


    Now you can see , there is only category and article list.


    And if you wanna show only sections and article list under of that sections , then 

    Copy the given code and paste on your style.css template .

    .category-tree-with-article .category h2{


    here you can see only sections and article list.



    Thank You

    Team Diziana 


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