Auto populating custom fields

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  • Dan Ross
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    Hey David,

    Try using the custom field ID, rather than the name of the field. You can find the Field ID in the Ticket Fields setup area in Support admin, next to the field name. 

    $('#request_custom_fields_1234567890').val('This field is left intentionally blank');

    Hope that helps

  • David Pritchard
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    Thank you, works perfectly. Is there any way I could get some text to appear when hovering over a field? So I have a few fields on a couple of tickets forms where it would be nice for the customer to view field instructions when they hover the mouse cursor over them. Is that possible and if so, how difficult is that to set up?

  • Thomas Verschoren
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    There is a build in ticket description option in the Ticket Fields settings of Zendesk Support.

    It does however appear as text below the ticket field. If you want to make it a popup I suggest taking a look at


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