Use Followers as VIEW parameter conditions

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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I personally would love the flexibility to create a view that mirrors any of the other pre-built views that exist in Zendesk today.  This would include the CC and Follower views on a user profile and expand into suspended ticket views.

    I would love to be able to create these views using native tools vs just having these in product.

  • James Lucas

    Yes 100%.

    We are also looking for this exact feature mentioned above, and this is stopping us from rolling out to our field support team, who need a view in the mobile app of tickets they follow, conditional on multiple factors (which we can define in the view).

  • Dave Yoha

    Your friends in the last mile delivery software business would also benefit greatly from better accessibility to followed tickets.



  • Lorin Rivers

    Kind of surprising this isn’t part of the product. The workarounds proposed are lame.


  • Ryan Miller

    This really needs to become a feature in the View area. As a developer, I'm astonished that Zendesk hasn't developed this already. When you roll out a feature like CCs, you need to put the time and attention into adding all the details that make that workflow actually work.

    Do better, Zendesk.

  • Thomas Verschoren
    Community Moderator


    I tried solving my own problem by creating a better experience for agents with the Follower View Marketplace App for Zendesk Support:

  • Ryan Boyer

    Similar to the comments above, I would like the ability to have the Followers field be a selectable column for a View. Currently, there is no way to select that field (Followers) as a displayable field in a View. There are use cases where the Follower of a ticket is the actual "assignee" not the person in the Assignee field, so this field is important for us to see in a View.

  • Matteo Franceschini

    I think it's crazy that this is not available as default for everyone. This lack impairs the communication and it's a real damage to an otherwise good product. How long do we have to wait to have it implemented?!

  • Mitchell Cole

    I would also like to add my voice to this need. Either I am totally missing how to do it, or we cannot do many basic functions based off of the Followers field, including views and such. This needs to be added ASAP please. 


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