Linking categories to external urls in the "Copenhagen theme", stopped working

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  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Andreas,

    Could you provide the code you're using to link your Category to an external URL? Additionally, the link you provided doesn't appear to be working for me. Is there another link I should be accessing?

  • Andreas Ribbfors

    The code I'm using for that is the following:

    //In the script file
    document.getElementById('cat-360002138560').href = '';


    and in the home_page:

    <a href='{{url}}' class="blocks-item-link" id="cat-{{id}}">

    The link is directed to

  • Simon Celen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Andreas,

    It seems there's an error in the script.js file of your theme. Near the bottom there is a line commented out that includes a critical Javascript construct:

    /*  $('footer.footer').before('<div class="footer-social"><div>... snip ...</div></div>');

    That last }); is needed for the whole script to function.

    Change it to:

    /* $('footer.footer').before('<div class="footer-social"><div>... snip ...</div></div>');

    ... and things will start working again.

  • Andreas Ribbfors

    Lovely, you are terrific! :D


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