Automatically remove license when deactivating user in Okta.

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  • Dan Cooper
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    You may be able to get around this by putting users into two different Okta Groups and setting App permissions based on the groups.  We have all of our users in an end user group so that at a minimum, they have access to our KB.  Then they get an agent group if they need Zendesk Agent access.  When they no longer qualify for agent access, their access is removed and they drop down to the end user group and the license is removed. 

    I'm still working through the best way to use Okta with Zendesk, and I'm not sure how a full deactivation would look as that could remove the user from both groups and all Okta apps at the same time, but it might be worth looking at in case it does meet your needs.  I will caveat that when someone drops to end user, they lose personal views, macros and such. So be careful with rules that are setup that control permissions if they are likely to change on a promotion or something. 

    This might be more feedback for Okta, but I'll add that Zendesk could look at not counting suspended users as part of agent license usage which might assist here for Okta and other SSO providers. 


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