Ticket Sharing Condition Improvement

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  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thank you for the feedback, Lars. Any additional details you can provide about your workflow and the impacts that this functionality would have are helpful.

    We'll keep this thread open so long as it remains active, and if there's enough interest shared by other users the request will get escalated to the product managers.

  • Lars
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    Hi Nicole,

    We work with our parent company, sharing tickets to multiple departments. This is done with various macros that adds appropriate tags to handle the routing of the tickets.

    What we do in each trigger is check whether sharing is active or not.

    Unfortunately, the latter is not possible, and the former requires a separate trigger.

    The drawbacks would be:

    • Testing if sharing is active consistently requires a separate trigger that checks whether sharing is active or not and adds a tag, checks a checkbox or something equivalent so we can check it later on
    • Testing if sharing is inactive is not possible. There is no way to check whether sharing is active or not.
    • Tags can be removed by anyone

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