Need functionality to move changes from Sandbox to Production

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  • Andrew Soderberg
    Community Moderator

    We've talked with Zendesk on this exact topic for a couple years now. Zendesk does now offer this as a custom service to large enterprise customers, but it is very expensive, and is a yearly subscription only. No one-offs. It currently only makes sense for a customer who is doing this monthly (or more) and can afford the high cost (because it is ultimately less costly that doing it totally manually like the rest of us).

    My read between the lines is that while it is possible for them to do this now, it is a pretty manual process (in the sense of command line scripts - not copy paste, or recreate like we have to do now) no friendly user interface, that requires very skilled Zendesk techs to make sure all goes right.

    I believe they see the need, and I expect that they are building a safe robust automation path for migration, that we can use and is affordable. I don't think that they want to have to do all the labor intensive custom pro services work related to the this option that they currently offer now.

  • Kalle Windefalk


  • Alexis Smith

    Big YES on this!

  • Susana Fernandez


  • Tom Knych

    Andrew Soderberg this is good to hear. This and the fact you don't get even a partial copy Sandbox with an Enterprise plan without paying an additional licensing fee makes development more costly and time-consuming. 


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