Chat Conversation API is periodically disconnected

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  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hello 成茂. Connections can be dropped if no activity.

    Related to connection maintenance, check out these two resources and see if they might apply to your situation:

    1. Managing WebSocket

    2. How to unsubscribe the chatActivity?

    Hope this information help!

  • 成茂

    Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Our program sends {"sig": "PING", "payload": "Ping"} every 30 seconds. Here is more detailed logs.

    [2020-02-21 10:23:29] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-21 10:23:59] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-21 10:24:29] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-21 10:41:22] Connection closed(1006 - Underlying connection closed)
    [2020-02-28 13:15:46] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-28 13:16:16] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-28 13:16:46] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-02-28 13:33:37] Connection closed(1006 - Underlying connection closed)
    [2020-03-06 13:35:04] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-03-06 13:35:34] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-03-06 13:36:04] got msg: {"sig":"PONG","payload":"Ping"}
    [2020-03-06 13:53:01] Connection closed(1006 - Underlying connection closed)

    ( Timezone=JST )

    The PONG response to it is logged. But then, at the drop of a hat, there is suddenly no response, and a dozen minutes later, the socket appears to have been disconnected." EOS" is not received.

    The program has been installed in the EC2 of AWS and is monitored by CloudWatch, but I did not see any network failure, etc., especially the server has fallen down.

    Are there any possible causes?

  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support

    Hello 成茂. There is no definitive reason given just this information. The usual suspects are in the Managing WebSocket article, but I know from looking at past tickets of yours, that article has been reviewed before.

    Outside of your service's code somehow closing off the existing connection either with a startAgentSession creating a new connection or a stopAgentSession somehow being called mistakenly, this will probably require you to submit a ticket. We can then diagnose your specific account instance and possibly review your service's code. Apologies for not being more help here.

    Side note: there is a developer focused Chat Conversation API community area. Posting there may get additional developer community members sharing their experiences on issues that you may have. This area is more non-developer focused.

  • 成茂

    I understand. I will submit a ticket for this at

    Thank you.


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