What are the chances of introducing an audit trail of user actions into the product?

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  • Kasper Sørensen
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    Hi Mary Paez,

    For the community side, we do offer Moderation Activities which captures moderator actions such as flagging for moderation, marking as spam etc. We don't capture deleted posts in this view currently. I'm taking that as a good piece of feedback that probably we should. However, the delete action isn't available to moderators so for this you only need to "worry" about your own staff doing it.

    More generally speaking, we're also working on publishing Sunshine Events for Guide and Gather actions. I think maybe Monika Kovacic can expand a bit on what's available and what's ongoing work for this.

  • Mary Paez
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    I think an audit trail of all actions for tickets, KB articles, and community posts would be very helpful.

  • Ryan McGrew
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    Hey Mary,

    I also wanted to point out the History functionality for article events where you can see which agents did what to different articles as well as Team Publishing reporting that might also help track down particular actions. Obviously it's not one combined view across all articles, posts and tickets. 



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