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  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Jennifer,

    The Copenhagen theme does not come with definitions in the mark up. It appears to me that through theme customization of the article template, and potentially some custom HTML in the article body if you want to go deeper, this should be possible. Additionally, it seems to me there's a way to do this via JSON-LD which may be simpler than tagging all elements in the page template. One thing you may want to look at is using multiple article templates in your theme, which could let you configure FAQ, Checklist and How To templates that are selectable in the Editor.


  • Abdul Qabiz


    I have tried it a couple of months back, it can be done. As mentioned by Ryan, it requires you adding things within article body - the content you write from wysiwyg; it might get complicated, hence it’s better idea to have different article templates for different kind of things; and what you write in wysiwyg goes in various placeholders.

    I think, it will be lot easier if wysiwyg allowed to attach things; or at least wysiwyg provide some sort of plugin api that developers like me can use to build various plugins like these and publish for the community.

    I actually tried extending wysiwyg via a chrome extension and was successful; but then the project didn’t get any attention later. Wysiwyg stripe certain tags so you have to use alternatives in those cases  

    The workarounds don’t last long so I don’t recommend or build things for others based on workarounds; I do use a lot of workarounds for my workflow because I can maintain those or decide to dump.

    Today search engines are able to provide meaningful and useful answers to many things because of data schema; I think, it makes sense for Zendesk to either build this in wysiwyg or allow wysiwyg to be extended by developers

    Thank you

    Abdul Qabiz
    Team Diziana


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