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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Adam Kohen - welcome to the Zendesk Community! 

    Macros are a great way to manage escalations. Here's a community post you might want to check out: Improving Escalation Workflows Using Macros

    We'll see if we can get some other users in to this conversation as well to share their thoughts on your questions. 

  • Adam Kohen

    Thank you Nicole! 

  • Reagan Helms

    Hi Adam,

    Not knowing the reason you're sectioning off these tickets, or what type of work you're doing on them, it's hard to say what your best option would be. But there are a few ways that you could "hide" tickets that you're working on.

    Views are probably the most flexible way, but if you're not careful, it's easy tickets to get lost because they don't qualify for any of the views that you've set up.

    Groups are a little more permanent, but they give you the ability to control each user who has access to them, and a separate library of Macros and Views that can be made available to only people in that group.

    Statuses are another option.

    At our company, any tickets that come in are automatically assigned to our Support Group. Our support is split into two separate teams, and each team has their own Views that are structured around the different products they support. After tickets are escalated to be worked on by our development team, they get assigned to our Developers Group, and are set to the On-Hold Status. That way I can exclude those tickets from our normal views (which just show New and Open statuses by default). Assigning to the separate Developers group allows me to set different SLAs for those tickets, and limit the number of agents who can communicate with our developers. When I'm running reports, they typically exclude tickets from that Developers group. But I have the added benefit of comparing the total number of tickets in that group to quickly see how many of our tickets get sent up to our development teams.

    Hopefully, some of this is helpful to you! Let me know if there's any other advice I can give.


  • Nils Rebehn

    Hello Adam,

    We have built escalation workflows for some of our clients (we are a Zendesk partner). I think I understand what you are trying to achieve.

    Reagan covered most of it in the previous answer already. Basically:

    1. Run macro (add tag + internal comment + assign to other group)
    2. Create view (include tag for "escalated tickets" + only visible to that group)
    3. Exclude tickets with that tag or in that group from existing views
    4. Exclude tickets with that tag or in that group from CSAT

    However, I’m not sure about excluding them from reporting. If you need to do so because they are not related to your usual tickets you need custom reports where you exclude tickets with that tag or that group.

    Hope that helps

    Nils / Guidoo Services

  • Adam Kohen

    Thanks Reagan and Nils! What you both said makes sense. I'll confer with my team and let them know about these suggestions. Appreciate all the help!


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