Removing Customer Signatures from Incoming Tickets

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  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator

    I wanted to second what Jeremy posted and add that this causes some issues with Answerbot as well when there's text that's similar to text in articles proposed by the bot which is not ideal.

    Also, I'd love for a solution where Zendesk is somehow able to identify text below the actual name and postion / company signature (like disclaimers and quotes and stuff) and just strip that.

    And if not, then indeed a solution which would allow us to use some triggers to strip it ourselves.

    Jeremy Heath is that not already possible to do via triggers and comment text string or is there a limitation on number of characters?

  • Jeremy Heath

    Catherine Michalak We can find the text I am sure but how would I redact it from the original ticket creation?

    I have looked at the ticket redaction App from Zendesk but it is a manual solution which is no good to me, I need an automated solution.

    I have tried to figure removing at the email layer with rules etc. Again similar problem is the redacting.

    About the only way I can think of is sent it to a different account then forward it with redaction done to the ticket account, but that's not practical

    I would hope there is a way but I haven't found one yet.


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