Add a green icon in a line in the article

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  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator


    Can you include a screenshot of what the icon looks like in the article and then also a screenshot of your article source code? That might help troubleshoot what is going on. 



  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator


    You can try this:

    Where you get {{title}}  on Section page, Category Page or Article page ( {{article.title}} ) you can add icon directly,  there is no need to add span etc..





    If any question let me know :)



  • seoj


    Thank you for your responses. Below is what I need.

    Above image is the draft

    this is the code <ul>
    Sync Processing green tick marks .&nbsp;<img src="/hc/article_attachments/360010446757/greenCheck.png" alt="greenCheck.png">

    this is the output

    I want it to be seen at the end of the line as in the Draft 

  • Ifra Saqlain
    Community Moderator


    I applied your code on homepage , section page and add image infront of {{title}} and I got it. 




    Can you tell me more about your code like CSS:

    have your CSS this code in <li> ... </li>

    1. display: flex;
    2. flex-direction: column;
    3. justify-content: space-between;


    I added your code on page and it works as you need I think your CSS code have flex properties in the list tag.

    Can you share your public HC URL so I can fix it ?


    Thank You




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