Add first name shortcut in chat

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  • Karola ZEN.COM Team

    Agree 100%. We need such option.

  • Roy

    Bump!  Have been looking for this for a while myself.  It looks like the visitor_firstname was resolved for Support around 3 years ago, but still not for Chat.  The fix must be fairly systemic if they haven't been able to support the functionality yet, as it seems to be highly sought after.  I would be up for developing it on my own for my own organization if y'all have a recipe ;)

  • Yuna Portnoy

    Bump! This is very important for proactive chats - having a full name in a proactive chat message  is just scaring people out. Please?

  • Steve W

    How is this not available yet? Why would a first name merge field be available in macros but not shortcuts. I see several requests for this feature dating back three years ago. 

    Zendesk Support/Development is the worst!!!! 

  • Ajay Paul

    Additional bump. Can we get some traction on this request? Seems to be a pain point for a lot of customers who are attempting to provide a personal touch to end user experiences.

  • Martin

    Another bump! Really limits our capabilities to service our customers in a more personal way.

  • Steve W

    Since Zen Desk “Support” does not care and/or comprehend the value or how good support works, let me see if I can explain it to them, specific to this issue.

    The purpose of Chat is to provide the best possible service to your customers as well as resolve their issue as quick as possible while maintaining professionalism and constant engagement. One of the ways to engage your customer while in Chats is to use include their name. One of the ways to do this as quickly as possible is to use chat shortcuts that include the Chatter’s name. When there is no chat placeholder for the visitor’s first name (only their full name), we need to manually delete their last name before replying, thus slowing our response rate down. If we don’t, our responses seem a bit off putting/creepy, (How can I help you today, Joe Smith; I’ll be happy to help you with that Joe Smith; Is there anything else I can do for you today, Joe Smith).

    There have been multiple requests, dating back at least three years to include a placeholder for the visitor’s first name but Zen Desk “Support” has chosen to ignore all of them, not even acknowledging the request. They could at least acknowledge the request and just ignore it like they do most other requests. If this is something they are unable to support, they should at least confirm that and explain why.

    It is extremely frustrating that this does not already exist especially since there is a ticket.requestor.first_name merge field for macros.

    Again, this feature has been requested multiple times on multiple platforms including on the Reddit’s ZB board without any acknowledgement from Zen Desk.

    Yet another one of many extremely important, much needed features that Zen Desk “Support” has failed at implementing!


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