Getting support ticket ID from conversations API

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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Unto

    If your chatbot is an app, you may be able to use the Zendesk Apps Framework to hook into the channel.ticket.created event in Zendesk Chat. Docs for it are here

    Hope that helps

  • Simon Blouner

    Hey Unto

    Do your end user provide you with their email addres before starting to chat with the bot?

    If this is the case, you could also do a search via. api to your support by tickets with this email as a requester, and get the latest ticket id. 

    You and your team look into the Zendesk Search API here.

  • Unto

    Hey Dan, 

    What do you mean by "chatbot is an app"? our chatbot is built using "Conversations API" but im happy to hear more about app chatbots? is it something that can work together with the conversations API? 



    is it safe to assume that the ticket would be available in the search API at the time the chat starts? (maybe few millisecond difference).

    another question - assuming we have chats with unknown visitors (email is not mandatory in prechat form) - we can have the chatbot ask for the email from users and add it to the chat (using convo API). would that update affect the zendesk ticket right away so we will be able to find the ticket ID by searching by the email in the search API? 

    Thank you both!

  • Simon Blouner

    Hey Unto

    The ticket will be created once a agent joins a chat, meaning your chatbot agent I assume. Once the chatbot has joined the chat, the ticket would be created in support. You can then find the ticket id by doing a API search for e.g. "Chat with Visitor 8028858" <- The visitor ID being the unique identifier.

    In regards to having chats without identification added, you should have the Visitor ID I assume. 

    The email the customer adds in your chat with the chatbot does not automaticly add to the end user in zendesk support. You can however find the user by doing a search for the visitor ID, and update that user with the Zendesk API, such as adding the email the chatbot has logged, and maybe also changing the name and stuff like that.


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