Add deep link from Article A to header in Article B

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  • Maggie Atkinson

    Yes, this would help us too. Our knowledge base contains a network of articles that reference each other and this would make it simpler to administer. 

  • Catherine Michalak
    Community Moderator

    Hi Maggie Atkinson and Leonard Porrello

    I would love to have this functionality as well.

    In the meantime, assuming you aren't already aware of this, a non HTML code solution could be:

    If your Article B already contains Heading links (for example at the top of the article like in the screenshot below), you can simply click on one of those heading links which will change the URL in your browser by adding the header extension to it and you can grab that and use it in your Article A


    • Article B is the article in the screenshot below.
    • The URL to Article B is:
    • Article B contains link references to the different headers within the article in the section highlighted by the red outline - Topics covered are.
    • When you click on one of those links - e.g. What is a Zendesk instance - the article URL changes by adding the header extension to the original URL like this:
    • You can pick this URL up and use it in Article A which will redirect users to the specific header / section within Article B.

    It's a bit of a workaround but it's quick and requires no HTML knowledge!

    Note: If your article B doesn't already include Heading links within the article, you can easily pick them up by temporarily inserting a heading link and picking up it's URL. If this needs further clarification, let me know. 


    Hope this helps!




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