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  • Violeta Micu
    Community Moderator

    Hi Glen,

    Yes it is possible to achieve what you described.

    You can integrate your email addresses with Zendesk and my advice here is that you create some triggers dedicated for each email address and add a specific tag so you can measure it in Explore later or use them in other triggers. After you integrate the emails you can create rules to route them to groups.

    Regarding specific words from Subject or Description, yes is possible. You can also use the rule: 

    for the subject and you have also for Comment text.

    Also you can send notifications and close tickets based on some conditions.

    In general i am not using so much the comment text. I only used some Subject words for some specific triggers. I preffer using tags or custom fields if is possible.


    Hope that my answer helps a bit.



    Hi Vio, 

    That helps loads. 

    How granular can you be with the words or characters? I am being told that I can't use 'Login' as another team uses it and I also can't use 'LM' because LM could be part of other words? 

    Thank you so much 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Welcome to Zendesk!

    You can search for both words and strings.

    For example, 

    • Comment text>contains at least one of the following words>login

    This will find the whole word 'login' in the phrase ' I cannot login'

    But will not find, ' I cannot log in' or 'I need to return my Logines watch'.

    But using the string search it will find part of words that match a string of characters.

    • Comment text>contains the following string>login

    So this will find both, ' I cannot log in' and 'I need to return my Logines watch'.

    If you need to resolve conflicts with triggers, remember that they fire in the order listed. The triggers at the top fire first. To prevent a trigger lower down the list also firing, make an action to add a tag on the first trigger and then in the lower down triggers check that this tag is not present.



  • Violeta Micu
    Community Moderator

    Hi Glen,


    Happy to read that i could help you. 

    When you use the condition "contains the following words" it will take exactly the word "LM" not an L from a word and M from another.

    Because you are at the beginning i suggest that you will try to take an Admin that is working on the other Zendesk instances that you have or talk with Zendesk if you have a customer manager allocated or with their support.

    You have to set up a lot of conditions and someone with experience that understands the architecture should help you to avoid risks and also to create a clean environment that will adapt in the future for your needs :).

    If i can help with more info, feel free to ask :).

    Have a nice day!



    Hi Graeme Carmichael  and Violeta Micu

    Thank you both for your advice. That has helped me loads already. 



    Thank you so much for all your help so far, between yourselves and google I am almost done with my first ever trigger. I did google this questions but I could not find the answer. 


    I have written the following in Jira for creation:

    Meet any of the following conditions:

    Subject text - contains at least one of the following words - 

    • Forgotten
    • Training Issue
    • Training Problem
    • Log in 
    • login
    • logging in  
    • Access
    • Error
    • Issue accessing training
    • I can’t log in
    • Problem logging in
    • Forgotten password
    • Sign in issue

    Am I able to use all of the above criteria? All I could find online was using single words like 'login' I could not find any multiple word options I.e 'issue accessing training' 


    Thank you so much for all your help 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    For single words, list them with spaces using the 'contains at least one of the following words' condition.

    For phrases separate them into separate conditions using the 'contains the following string' condition.


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