Chat - Deflect tickets - allow us to use our API for suggested kbase articles

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  • Kay
    Community Moderator

    Hi Ian,

    I know it's not perfect, or wanted even.. But still might be a solution.

    Have you tried copying the widget code and serving it yourself?
    That way you have full control over the code, and you could simply copy/paste the hardcoded URL.

    It also sound that you might benefit from the EAP - Federated Search API

  • Ian Weatherhogg

    Hi Kay,

    The Federated Search API is interesting but looks like we'd have to register every page of our site with our HC, and keep them in sync - which isn't much better than copying all the articles using the existing API. Also Federated Search API is only available on Enterprise.

    Copying the widget code would be horrible. I'd rather move to an alternate Chat solution.

    But thanks for responding,


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