Report on Article Links

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  • Melody Quinn

    100% agree!! 


    Agree wholeheartedly! There are too many use cases to enumerate why this feature would be, well, useful. Thanks for your consideration, Guide team!

  • Justine MacLean

    It would be good to be able to have a report to see links to to external sources as well.

    In addition, being able to see broken links. 

  • Lorrie Giesbrecht

    Is it possible to extract a list of links in articles with API?

  • Leslie Davis

    I definitely need a report that shows all broken links. As I update and merge articles, I'm worried I'm creating broken links in the process and there's no way to know.

  • Nicole Gogel

    Same here! I posted about the need for this functionality here:

    There's other people out there who want to see this!

  • Sorin Alupoaie

    Hi everybody,
    I am working on an app that enables you to export a list articles and all the links within each article. The broken links & images are automatically detected and highlighted in the export.
    It will be released soon, at no cost for all the requests coming from this thread.
    You can register for early access here.


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