How to prevent users from creating new conversations if a ticket is still open/pending?

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  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team


    Unfortunately I can't think of an effective way to do that. Any conditions you could use to redirect those aren't really applicable, since trigger or automation conditions are only able to look at the current ticket in question. You could in theory add a user tag to the user profile whenever they have a ticket in this state and then a trigger could look for any new tickets that have the tag added to it and then a trigger could automatically solve the ticket and respond to the user letting them know to reach out via any existing tickets they have.

    The problems with that workflow are as follows:

    1. It's potentially a lot of manual work to keep updating the tags on the user profiles
    2. If you automated the process, it still feels like you are opening yourself up to a lot of false positives where customers have entirely separate questions and are having a bad customer experience when their tickets are automatically solved out.

    As far as how that process would work, it would likely involve the API and would be highly customized. We don't have any recipes for that at the moment.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.


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