Understanding Differing Ticket Counts between Datasets


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  • Chandra Robrock
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    @... While I'm not sure of the exact reason you're seeing different Created and Solved Ticket numbers in the Tickets dataset versus the Ticket Updates dataset, I do know that there are slight differences in terms of what each dataset is able to report on that could be causing this.

    For instance, the Ticket Updates dataset allows you to report on tickets that have a status of deleted whereas the deleted status is not available in the Tickets dataset. Zendesk's Support team might have a bit more insight for you here.

    Since it sounds like you're looking to analyze the current state of past tickets, I'd recommend using the Tickets dataset. I typically only use the Ticket Updates dataset when I want to report on actual update events (such as number of comments, group reassignments, update handle time, etc).

    Based on your post, it sounds like your primary use case for using the Ticket Updates dataset was so that you can report on these two metrics within the same chart. You should be able to achieve this using a Date Range Calculated Metric. This is helpful when you want to restrict metrics by a different time attribute within the same query.

    Here's an example below which shows a new Created Tickets metric that is based on the Tickets metric and Defined On the Ticket Created attribute (Past Year). 

    You could then build a similar metric that is based on Solved Tickets and Defined on Tickets Solved (Past Year). Do you think this helps you get the numbers you were looking for?

  • Travis Tubbs

    Thanks for taking a stab at this, @...!

    I appreciate your suggestion to use a custom metric. Unfortunately, the queries we created need to have their data manipulated in the dashboards they're put in. So while this is great for the one-off yearly review I'm working on, I would still have to question the numbers I'm looking at in our day-to-day dashboards. (Probably should have mentioned we also look at created versus solved in other places.)

    Like you recommended, I'll reach out to Zendesk Support to see if they can provide some clarity. If they are able to shine a spotlight on what's going on (that's not specific to my account), I'll add it to this thread in case it could be helpful for anyone else.


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