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  • Jarad Garlesky

    Somehow we turned it on and 30 min later we turned it back off

  • Chandra Mullineaux

    We cannot migrate to Agent Workspace until we are able to move the content box and most recent message back up to the top. 99% of our ticket volume is via email. We give our customers the option to use chat, but the majority of the requests are too complicated to be handled that way.

  • Jarad Garlesky

    We do not use chat yet but we still would have wanted the most recent comment up at the top

  • tobias.persson
    Kolten Kittleson the link you attached doesnt work at the moment. 
    Kolten Kittleson
    • October 5, 2022
    Zendesk Product Manager
    Comment actions

    Hello everyone,

    We sincerely appreciate this feedback and would love to hear more about this feedback live. Please join us on Thursday, October 13th at 11 AM CST for our PM Roundtable on Agent Workspace. Live chat with us on what is and isn’t working with recent UI changes, your product experiences, and share your feedback directly with the product team.

    The link to register can be found here

    The team would like to know more about how different customizations can help workflows, and learn how the plans for allowing this can better be expanded for more teams. 

    And also feel free to contact our Support team to learn about any possible changes already available to your accounts. 

  • Jarad Garlesky

    The link you have posted does not work yet again

  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone, 

    Thanks for the heads up about the link, we should have it corrected so feel free to register. 

    The link can also be found here to avoid going back to my post that included it. 

  • Maxine Levine

    +1 to the reply/comment box being at the bottom of the page instead of the top. It's the major issue my team has with the new agent workspace.

  • Melony Young

    Are there plans in the future to be able to change the layout of the agent workspace so that phone apps don't hide the User Data section?

  • Jacques Abecassis

    Is this still an active issue? Reluctant to try if these haven't been fixed.

  • Driesen, Christian

    We were just transferred to the "agent workspace" and we have the same problem here. It is absolutely confusing seeing email threads in wrong chronological order. While the newest message is on top, the comment box is on the bottom. Even worse, older messages appear next to the comment box - it is so confusing for every agent, especially when the conversation got long. 

    I see that this thread here is fairly old and Zendesk did not change anything. Wouldn't it be a nice feature, if we could decide ourselves, where to put the comment box? 

  • Szabolcs Horváth

    New update is horrible.

    Smaller box for replies. Why I cannot return back old sorting order? Writing a reply in this small box is extremely frustrating.

    We use only "public reply", and "internal reply", now we have to choose from dropdown where is another choose "call" also.

    Right side we use custom apps, what has now also smaller place because of three unneeded icons at right. It is a nightmare!

    It is simply horrible change. We are also looking for other helpdesk provider.


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