Changing Ticket Forms Automatically based on Keywords in incoming E-mail.


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  • Fakhri - [FSG] Customer Care

    Hi Austin K,

    Yes, we were able to identify the underlying issue with the existing triggers. Apparently, one of the existing triggers prompts the Ticket Form to revert to a template form, automatically. We did not realize it before, but we have solved this problem. We were also helped by a very responsive and helpful Zendesk Support. 

    Thank you!

  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi @...,

    If I understand your message well, you propose that a follow-up ticket would clone the ticket information from the original ticket.

    You mentioned specifically the form, but why not clone all the ticket information? An agent can then check the follow-up ticket and make any changes where needed.

    If this is your feature request, I would fully support this!

  • Fakhri - [FSG] Customer Care

    Hi Edwin Schukking,

    Yes, exactly. I am looking for a possibility to have exactly the same ticket values (form, tags, issue, priority, and so on) on follow-up tickets made by customers (incoming ticket) so that it will help agents prioritizing tickets. Assuming that this should be categorized as "Feature Request" then it mean Zendesk has yet to have that feature? 

    Is there any workaround to this? Thank you.

  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey there @...!

    Thanks so much for the solid context and use case info here.  I can definitely see how having a continuing conversation in a follow-up ticket set with the same exact priority as the original ticket would be useful for a good number of workflows, well said.

    As for the ticket forms changing for these follow-up tickets: That's certainly an odd behavior, since follow-up tickets should inherit the same ticket form that was used in its original closed ticket.  With the ticket form changing for these follow-up tickets, let's check out its ticket events using this guide to see if a trigger is firing when these tickets are created. 

    Ticket events will be shown in chronological order starting with the oldest changes at the top and latest updates at the bottom, so we should see the closed ticket's original ticket form first noted near the top of the follow-up ticket's events.  Moving down the list though, it's possible that you and your team may see the ticket form being updated by one or more triggers.  

    With those triggers identified, you and your team can make changes to their conditions to prevent them from firing in this situation, using a Meet ALL condition like "Channel > Is Not > Closed Ticket" to help keep the previous ticket's original form applied to its follow-up ticket.  

    If you and your team don't see any triggers being applied in the ticket events, or are still continuing to experience the same ticket form issues happening to follow-up tickets created after you update your trigger conditions, let us know and I'll be happy to spin up a support ticket on your behalf to work with you directly.


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