Ideas on how to improve the Answerbot click-through rate [Archive]


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  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi Julie Foster,

    This is such an excellent question! Hopefully some of the insight I've gained through analyzing our own Answer Bot activity can help you with your implementation.

    From a basics standpoint, the most important thing for click through rate is the title. You want to make sure that your title is in sync with how the customer would describe the question or the answer. If the customer reads a title offered by Answer Bot and it doesn't connect with how they think about the problem, they're not going to click. Another tip is to make sure each of your articles are focused on a single topic (one question one answer, or one problem one solution). This helps them be very focused on the topics your customers are asking about. (more here: Optimizing your articles for Answer Bot).

    That being said, often the titles are perfect, the articles are focused, everything is in customer language, but they are still not being clicked. The biggest thing that I believe affects clicking is how the articles are presented. For example, when answer bot sends articles in response to an email, it is sent out with the email titled "We've received your request, we'll get back to you shortly" or something like that. If I get an email like that in my inbox, I'm tempted to delete it after just reading the title and wait for the substantial reply. But then I'll miss the articles. Consider changing the subject of that email to something like "We're working on your request, do any of these resources help?" to call out that the email has useful information for them to take a look at.

    I hope that insight helps! Let me know if there are other things you're thinking about and having trouble with!


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