Sell: Days Since Last Communication Should Reset with Support Communication

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  • Laura Hippert

    Hi Rodger,

    You are correct that at this time, the Days since last communication field does not factor in communication with the Support team, this would only be communication within Sell. You can read more about this field here: Tracking your communication channels in Sell. You can see more information about the tickets in the sidebar app on the contact card.

  • Rodger Bradford

    Hello Laura,

    Thanks for your reply.  I come from a Support background and love the automations, macros, triggers, and ticket status that are used in Support.  Our company received a lot of sales communication through our Support channel and I am in that environment constantly.  Since I am dealing with our paying customers in Support, I would like my communication metrics to show in Sell.  

    I am thinking that I could use a tag and trigger in Support to send a copy of my communication to Gmail which would then appear in Sell.  I wish that there was more streamline way of doing this since Sell and Support are supposed to be integrated. What do you think?



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